About Us

Founded by Gerry Hogsed in 2022, Folding Oaks is based in Brenham, Texas and has had the opportunity to design homes and remodel projects across the United States and, specifically, across Texas.

Who We Are

Folding Oaks grew out of Gerry Hogsed’s passion for quality, custom homes. He has nearly a decade of experience in the building design industry designing and drafting permit-ready construction documents for residential and commercial buildings. With 6 years of experience dedicated to residential design, including working at a prestigious residential firm in South Carolina, he has contributed to various projects from kitchen renovations and full-home renovations to luxury home design. His colleagues say that he is a master in proportions, an expert in BIM, building information modeling, and he doesn’t settle for anything less than quality work.

"Every sketch I do is a discovery; I hope to design a space for families to create lasting memories."

Gerry Hogsed
CEO Folding Oaks

About Gerry

After the birth of his daughter and success on small renovation opportunities, Gerry launched Folding Oaks, in the summer of 2022 to follow his passion. He received his accredited 5 – year Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tennessee and took specialized studies such as passive, sustainable design, and the engagement of senses and memory. He has also completed the AXP internship requirements. Since the launch of Folding Oaks, Gerry has completed numerous small and full-home remodels and custom homes.

Gerry enjoys spending his free time with family, cooking, traveling, and attending concerts.



Yes! Folding Oaks can provide design and drafting services for all private single-family homes across Texas including remodels and additions. 

Each project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, that said, it could take a few months to a year. A small cabin may take a month for example, while a 3,000-square-foot custom home could take several months. Reach out to Folding Oaks with your specific questions and project parameters and we can provide a better estimate.

Folding Oaks thrives in custom design. A limited number of projects may be available to choose from for your own personal modifications. All purchases are for one-time use. Additional information will be provided in our terms and conditions.

Due to limitations liabilities, and proprietary information our working files remain the property of Folding Oaks. Files may be provided to consultants for the completion of the project.

Folding Oaks is committed to providing our design expertise for your project. Deliverables are a product of our services and may include PDFS, virtual walkthroughs, and quality renderings.

As a digital firm, Folding Oaks is not able to retrieve any digital files, therefore refunds are not offered. Printed drawings are available upon request. The value we provide is in our process and craft.

Your drawing packages will consist of standard D-Size Sheets which are 24”x36”. Folding Oaks provides a PDF set at each project milestone. Hard-copy prints are available upon request; printing fees apply.

We are aware that some of the work does not reveal the floor plan unless we’re showing a before and after of a project. We may share process sketches that contain bits and pieces of a plan, but the final plan layouts may be withheld out of respect for our custom clients.

A minimum of 500 square feet is appropriate for our fee structure and service offerings. A large kitchen remodel may be considered.

Please bring anything that may be helpful to understand your project: A geotechnical report, survey, wish list, sketches, and inspirational photos.

No. Every project is unique and therefore engineering fees are based on a per-project basis. We have recommendations for engineering services. 

Service Area

We’re located in Washington County, but have done projects all over the state of Texas.

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