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New Construction

Custom Homes, ADU’s, Garages, etc.

The Folding Oaks process engages in a thoughtful and holistic approach to design exploration leading to creative, unique solutions. The result is a set of construction documents that you can hand off to your contractor.

The Folding Oaks Process

Remodeling & Additions

In addition to the steps above, Remodeling also requires that we document the existing conditions, or use ‘as-built drawings.’ This enables us to answer the questions of ‘Can I do XYZ with my home?’ We utilize BIM to visualize the changes.

Like Remodels, we need to add the step of ‘as-built drawings’ if we are going to accurately plan and design additions to the home. Again, we will use BIM to decide what to keep, what to demo, and new construction.


Ready to ‘walk inside’ your home before it’s built? With Visualizations, we go beyond a 2D plan and experience the design, form, and most importantly, the feel of your space. Once the design is ready, we add paint colors, interior selections, materials, and more so you can truly understand the impact of your new home, remodel, or even landscaping before it’s done.

It’s a lot easier to make changes to a digital model than a constructed building. With Visualizations, you have the opportunity to feel the atmosphere before the build takes place.

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BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an incredible tool when it comes to creating your design. Efficient design and infrastructure requires data-laden, functional modeling. BIM allows contractors, designers, and more to come together and understand the elements within the modeling. It’s much easier and less expensive for the homeowner if they can fully understand the components of their home design before it’s actually built. If changes need to be made, BIM will update the entire design as needed based on one little shift. As an expert in using BIM/Revit, Folding Oaks is able to demonstrate the designs in extreme 3D detail before the project begins.

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