Somerville Contemporary

Somerville, TX

During our first meeting with the client, we knew this house would take on its own character. They had a vision, an entire notebook full of inspirational photos, and needed a plan to tie it all together. The design started from sketching on site, where the house would likely be placed, overlooking a large pond. Thinking about views, and functionality of their needs, the idea of having two cabins adjoined by a glass entryway came to mind. To give each cabin its character, one has a limestone exterior, and the other is wrapped in Shou-Sugi-Ban.

Designer Note: Shou-Sugi-Ban is the process of preserving wood by charring it. Depending on the style, Shou-Sugi-Ban might be something different worth looking into. Did you know wood naturally turns grey over time with exposure to sunlight? Staining or using Shou-Sugi-Ban are a couple of solutions. 

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